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Oct 22, 2012

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to ship to the United States.  Please check back regularly as we are looking for a way to make this happen so that everyone can enjoy their favourite Picard's treats. 

2012 Picard's Gift Box Listings

Oct 16, 2012

The holiday season has arrived again, please feel free to browse the gift ideas offered at Picard's Peanuts. 


Oct 14, 2012

By mid-November, after more than  two long years of preparation, building a facility, getting the necessary approvals, installing new equipment and test brewing, we are ready to launch "THE BREWERY FARM". Yes, we now have a facility where we are starting to brew OUR OWN  line of Premium Beers. Our brand name is RAMBLIN' ROAD ( , we are preparing to offer a "COUNTRY PILSNER" a "COUNTRY LAGER" and a"COUNTRY IPA".  On the farm we have been growing 8 varieties of hops for 5 years now and are formulating to use this dynamite connection to agriculture in our brews. Cheers!



Oct 14, 2012

There are a few changes happening right now within the family business.

There have always been two parts to the Ontario Peanut business and PICARD PEANUTS

PICARD PEANUTS LTD (1979) (Jim Picard Sr.)

(Windham Centre, Fonthill, Morriston & Woodstock)

PICARD FOODS LTD (1982) (the next generation- John & Renee)

St.Jacobs, Talbotville, Waterdown, Niagara-on-the-Lake & Vaughan (2013)

In September 2012, we were unable to reach a succession plan for the existing businesses.


John and Renee Picard, who have been with the family business for 30 years, will continue to drive the existing business (J.D.Picard's Incredible Snack Co., Ltd. - St.Jacobs, Talbotville, Waterdown, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Vaughan 2013), forward.  Nothing has or will change within these retail locations

We wish our mother and father all the best in their decision to continue with Picard Peanuts Ltd.


John and Renee have been actively involved in the development, design,  processing and manufacture of all the great products we currently offer for retail sale, since 1992. All of our manufactured products are produced at the Waterford Confectionery processing facility under the supervision of John & Renee Picard

These stores will remain unchanged


And our future retail location in  VAUGHAN (SUMMER 2013).

All the great  300+ existing products which we manufacture-  our freshly roasted peanuts in numerous varieties and flavours, our crispy potato chip covered  peanuts in a multiplicity of flavours, our farm fresh Ontario Grown Peanuts, our specialty Swiss Style Milk, Dark and White chocolate covered products, our unique confectionery (Sponge's, Brittles and Caramels), our fabulous Ice-Cream varieties and everything else that makes Picard's a great stop, will only be available at the retail stores listed above.



Oct 14, 2012

In early November we will be introducing our own variety of "EXTREME KETTLE CHIPS" manufactured at THE BREWERY FARM, Picard's new processing facility in La Salette, Ontario.  Six varieties of fabulous Kettle Chips will only be available in ST.JACOBS, TALBOTVILLE, WATERDOWN, NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE and VAUGHAN (2013) and select retailers. Look for our new flavours - Original, Backyard BBQ, Rock Salt & Vinegar (it's a joke), Dill Pickle Pucker, Ketchup loves Potatoes and our new Bacon & Cheddar. In the new year, we'll be offering two new varieties - Tart Lime and Chili and a brand new product called "BEER BATHED TATERS". (Kettle Chip slices washed in a Premium Beer bath and then processed into Kettle Chips) For real!  Stay tuned to see what we do with the beer?



Oct 14, 2012

For the week of October 2nd to the 8th, 2012, we have been sampling our first two beers, at the Norfolk County Fair in Simcoe, Ontario. The Country Pilsner and the Country Lager were a great hit. Yes !  we can produce a premium beer in Norfolk and thousands of samplings for the week will attest to that. The support and encouragement has been tremendous, we thank you for the kind words and support. See you in November when we ramp up for the retail trade. (On site only, La Salette)


Online Ordering is live!

Feb 28, 2012

 You can now order on-line through our shopping cart!


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